• 13 May

    RubyMotion Moving Forward - One Year Later

    It's been a full year since I acquired RubyMotion and became its steward. Over this time, RubyMotion has pushed thirteen releases (and is about to push number fourteen). Throughout this process, I have genuinely listened to the community's feedback and incorporated it within each release. Here are some highlights of what's changed.

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  • 12 Feb

    RubyMotion's Guiding Principles

    About eight months ago, I acquired RubyMotion. It's been a very busy time. Apple released High Sierra and the iPhone X. Both iOS and Android are pushing for mandatory 64-bit support on their platforms (iOS 11.0 is 64-bit only, in fact). With a lot of the work to support all these changes behind us, I finally got a chance to think about RubyMotion's guiding principles and what sets this platform apart from others out there. These guiding principles will provide the framework for future RubyMotion work. Here they are. Give them a read. Talk about them in the Motioneers Slack Channel (I'm always there, so feel free to DM me if you need to).

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  • 14 Mar

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