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Write cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and OS X in Ruby

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Write cross-platform native apps in Ruby

RubyMotion: a magical factory!

RubyMotion lets you quickly develop cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android and OS X, all using your favorite editor and the awesome Ruby language you know and love.

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Success stories

Success stories

A Dark Room

By Amirali Rajan


A Dark Room is a very popular text-based role-playing game. Originally web-based, Amir Rajan ported it to iOS using RubyMotion and very quickly it went viral, reaching the top-paid app position in the US and UK App Stores for several weeks, and now enjoying a five-star rating.

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  • I'm a developer

    You will feel at home.

    RubyMotion features a statically-compiled version of the Ruby language designed for native mobile platforms, as well as a command-line based extensible toolchain that will let you easily customize your development workflow just the way you like it.

  • I'm a company

    Launch to the App Store, faster.

    Thanks to RubyMotion, your Ruby developers can write iOS and Android apps, today. Ruby makes programmers happy and productive, and by sharing the same language across platforms you get to reuse code, save time, and ship faster.

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