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Unlock the power of Ruby for iOS and OS X

RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain that lets you quickly develop and test native iOS and OS X applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love.

Why RubyMotion? Let's get started!

RubyMotion apps are created and later maintained from the terminal command-line. A RubyMotion project is based on the Rake tool and can be configured by editing its Rakefile.


RubyMotion is built on top of iOS and OS X. You have access to the entire set of public iOS and OS X APIs and can use 3rd-party Objective-C libraries and Gems. You keep your favorite text editor.


Run your app in the iOS simulator. An interactive shell is available for introspection, live coding and debugging. The features of your app can be covered by functional and integration specs.


Run your app on your iOS device. Submit development builds to TestFlight. Generate .ipa or .pkg archives for Ad-Hoc distribution. Prepare a submission for the App Store.


RubyMotion apps you may have used


The iPhone app of 37signals' flagship product.

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The new trendy photo app, featured by Bloomberg TV.

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The matchmaker app for concerts + friends.

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The favorite music store of independent artists.

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There are many RubyMotion apps in the App Store. Check out our Apps catalog to see a selection of them.

Why RubyMotion?

Easy and mature

With RubyMotion, you get to use Ruby, a simple and concise language to write fast, full-fledged apps. Memory management included.

RubyMotion is based on the MacRuby project, a mature codebase developed over 5 years at Apple.

Pure native code

RubyMotion apps run right on top of the same core iOS and OS X technologies than apps using Apple's Objective-C language.

You get to call into the same entire set of APIs at no cost in size or performance, and new SDK releases are automatically supported.

App Store compliant

RubyMotion is 100% compliant with Apple's App Store guidelines.

RubyMotion apps are fully compiled, do not download or interpret code, only use public APIs through the same machinery than Objective-C apps, and weigh less than 1MB.

What are you waiting for?

RubyMotion is already used by thousands of companies and individual developers. You will be in good hands.

RubyMotion offers developers the expressiveness of Ruby with no compromises. It's hard to imagine a more appealing way to build native iOS applications.

Building on Apple’s platform has traditionally required experience in a niche programming language, Objective-C. With the release of RubyMotion, anyone can make a completely native iOS app using the power of Ruby.

I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have been able to ship an iPhone app at all without RubyMotion.

Nick Quaranto
Programmer, 37signals

RubyMotion is a dream come true for Rubyists who want to create fast, native iOS apps!

Mike Clark
Founder, The Pragmatic Studio

This is AWESOME! With just minimal iOS experience, I was able to get a working app up and running on my phone. Oh, the feeling of power!

Jim Weirich
Chief Scientist, EdgeCase

With RubyMotion, we can now leverage our Ruby expertise to solve problems in the mobile space. Developing for iOS will never be the same again.

Omid Rahmat
CEO, ELC Technologies

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