• 03 Sep

    HipByte and JetBrains announce plans to partner on product development

    We are happy to announce that we are partnering with JetBrains, the creators of RubyMine, RubyMotion's most advanced development environment.

    JetBrains is a long-time RubyMotion supporter. They have provided support for RubyMotion in RubyMine from the beginning, and they have sponsored our annual conference every year it’s been held. We are very thankful for their commitment to our community.

    Today, we are announcing that HipByte and JetBrains will be working more closely together on a variety of technical and marketing projects.

    RubyMine collaboration

    The RubyMotion integration in RubyMine has been extracted as a plugin and will be very soon available on GitHub under an Open Source license.

    We are committed to help with maintaining the plugin and ensuring that RubyMine is able to make use of all existing and future RubyMotion features.

    Additionally, RubyMine will provide a one-click experience to setup a fully working RubyMotion environment.

    Cross-promotional efforts

    Both companies have agreed to start a series of collaborative efforts in order to better promote our respective products.

    When I first tried RubyMotion, I was very excited. As the RubyMine product manager, I hoped RubyMotion would help Ruby developers enter the attractive world of iOS development, and our IDE could help RubyMotion developers to be even more productive. As a developer, I was really hoping that I could create a to-do list app for my iPhone! My hopes were justified and more – since then RubyMotion has started supporting OS X and Android. And even better, today RubyMotion has a free version, which is really great. Our teams have been partners from the very beginning, helping each other make both products better. Now we can proudly announce it officially: this partnership is for good!

    — Tatiana Vasilyeva, Product Manager, JetBrains

    We are thrilled to be working with JetBrains on these new projects and very excited about the future of RubyMotion and RubyMine. Stay tuned!


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