• 19 Jun

    Code Climate brings static analysis to RubyMotion projects

    We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Code Climate to bring static analysis tools to all RubyMotion users. As of today, you will be able to analyze RubyMotion projects on, as well as run custom static analysis for RubyMotion on your command line with their new CLI tool.

    If you are not familiar with Code Climate, it's a static analysis tool for monitoring the health of your code. It came out of the Ruby community but now supports a whole host of languages and frameworks -- and it's all open source!

    The RubyMotion analysis "engine" for Code Climate lives at the HipByte/codeclimate-rubymotion repository on GitHub, and is implemented by extending Rubocop to create custom bug risk and quality checks for RubyMotion. It's easy to get started using the Code Climate CLI with your RubyMotion project. Here's how:

    $ brew tap codeclimate/formulae
    $ brew install codeclimate
    $ codeclimate init
    $ codeclimate engines:install
    $ codeclimate engines:enable rubymotion
    $ codeclimate analyze

    You will then see analysis results for your RubyMotion project. We currently check for some crucial issues in iOS projects that could result in runtime crashes. We will working in the soon future on extending the engine with more rules, adding support for Android projects, and integrating the engine as part of our build system.

    If you are interested in contributing to our analysis engine, we would definitely love your help! You can sign up for the Code Climate developer program HERE, or open issues and contribute pull requests on our GitHub repository.

    We love that all RubyMotion users will now be able to take advantage of the best static analysis tooling that the opensource community develops, and we hope you love it too!


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