We recommend the products and services of the following companies.




JetBrains is a software company producing tools for developers. JetBrains makes RubyMine, a Ruby IDE built on IntelliJ IDEA platform.

RubyMine comes with a RubyMotion integration, featuring context-based code-completion, visual debugging, refactoring capabilities, and more.


PhraseApp provides translation management solution for web and mobile applications. Collaborate with your team, find professional translators and stay on top of the process.

PhraseApp supports RubyMotion and lets you connect your project for easy app internationalization. Translatable strings are exported while simply browsing your app and can be managed through the online editor.




Kyan has been building Ruby on Rails web applications since 2006 and we now have one of the most experienced Ruby teams in the UK.

Our team has worked with clients ranging from small startups to multinational banks, helping them leverage the benefits of Ruby based software. RubyMotion has allowed us to bring our experience and expertise to mobile.

At Kyan we pride ourselves in having all the design & development skills you need under one roof – everything is made in the UK by our full time team with no outsourcing.

Give us a call today about how we can help you.


Synbioz has been part of the Ruby ecosystem since 2007, delivering web applications using Ruby on Rails. We then early adopted RubyMotion to deliver top notch mobile applications. Based in France we are dedicated to help customers to reach their goals. They love how fast we’re delivering working and beautifully designed applications. We also have a strong commitment of sharing our knowledge on our blog and on Hackademy, our video platform, for free.