• 07 Jun

    RubyMotion Success Story: Babbo Voco

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    Tuluh Tec released Babbo Voco, an app which helps parents to add their own content into games and to bring up new ideas for their children.

    Hamid Khosrozadeh and Robert Schertling was kind enough to share their experience building the app with us:

    Can you give a brief introduction about what Babbo Voco does?

    Babbo Voco is a Family App, which helps the parents to put their own content in games we build and to bring up new ideas for their children.

    How did the idea of Babbo Voco come about?

    Many of the parents around us are afraid of new technology. After talking with them we understood, that they want to influence the content. so we build the app for them.

    What background did you come from when you started to build Babbo Voco?

    We are a team of freelancers with a big range of background — java-developer, designer, authors, ruby developer and so on.

    How did RubyMotion help accelerate your development?

    The easy syntax of Ruby.

    Did you use any game-specific framework for Babbo Voco? How easy/convenient was it accessing these frameworks from RubyMotion?

    We used SpriteKit.

    Did you take advantage of any third party gems or CocoaPods?

    Few of them:

    • Fabric
    • Crashlytics
    • Sugarcube
    • AppsFlyer-SDK

    What parts of RubyMotion development would you like to see improved?

    Documentation. Maybe a RubyMotion-optimized editor. Pool with Test Devices like Xamarin.

    How/where did you get help when you ran into a stumbling block?

    We had the possibility to get help from the RubyMotion developer who provided consulting, which was awesome and helped us to fix a few major problems.

    Are there any features or aspects of RubyMotion that you haven't used yet, but expect to look into in the near future?

    Exporting the App in android is the next step, which we will go with our app.

    What would you say to developers considering RubyMotion for iOS game development?

    You love Ruby, then give it a try :-).


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