• 19 Apr

    RubyMotion is awarded the Ruby Biz Grand Prix 2015 Award

    We're deeply honored to have received the Ruby Biz Grand Prix 2015 Jury Special Award for the acceleration of native mobile Ruby development.

    Ruby Biz is a very prestigious contest whose purpose is to advertise the advantages of using Ruby in the business world, and highlight successful and growing businesess worldwide making innovative use of the Ruby programming language. The Ruby Biz contest was created by the Shimane Prefecture (Japan) to promote the software IT industry.

    The ceremony took place in Tokyo, and was presided by the Governor of the Shimane prefecture, Zenbee Mizokuchi.

    The jury was composed of important people in the Ruby community, including Ruby's creator Yukihiro Matsumoto, Kohichi Sasada, board member of the Ruby Association and Masaya Mori, director of the Rakuten Institute of Technology.

    We're determined to continue impulsing and expanding the Ruby ecosystem and maintaining and growing a healthy business around the Ruby programming language.


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