• 14 Apr

    RubyMotion #inspect 2014: Announcing More Speakers, Student Tickets

    In a bit more than a month, the 28th and 29th May, we will be launching our second annual developer conference, #inspect, this time in sunny San Francisco, California.

    RubyMotion #inspect 2014 will be a 2-day single track conference, 100% about RubyMotion. We picked an awesome venue, Fort Mason, a former US military post office which offers a scenic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

    We are obviously super excited about the conference. Make sure to grab a ticket when you can, we are selling those fast.

    More Speakers

    We are happy to reveal four more awesome speakers, in addition to 12 already-announced speakers:

    • Alex Rothenberg is a software engineer at McKinsey and the author of the motion-addressbook library. He will talk about simplifying the Cocoa APIs and making sure they do not crush your Ruby code.

    • Dennis Ushakov, a software engineer at JetBrains, will show off RubyMine and its excellent integration with the RubyMotion toolchain.

    • Nikolay Nemshilov is a senior software developer at Ninefold and also the author of UnderOS (or shortly, uOS), a project that aims to help web-developers to get into native iOS development by reusing knowledge and technologies they already know, which he will present.

    • Austin Seraphin is a blind developer and an accessibility expert. Austin was a speaker at #inspect 2013 last year and delivered one of the most acclaimed presentations. Since then, he authored the motion-accessibility gem and will talk about how making RubyMotion apps accessible to the blind.

    We will be announcing the last batch of speakers soon. If you submitted a talk proposal, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!

    Student Tickets

    Due to the demand we will be offering a limited batch of tickets for students to the conference at a highly discounted price.

    Students tickets are priced at $149 and require proof of enrollment. Please email us in order to get one. We will update this post once the batch will be gone.

    Call for Sponsors

    We are still looking for a small number of sponsors to share in the support of #inspect 2014. This is a great opportunity to show your commitment to the RubyMotion community and also promote your products or services. If you or your company are interested get in touch.


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