The conference will feature speakers exclusively from the RubyMotion community. We guarantee you will learn a few things. Register now.


Laurent Sansonetti Programmer & Founder, HipByte

Laurent is the creator and lead developer of RubyMotion. He will talk about what's coming next!


Shizuo Fujita Programmer, HipByte

Shizuo (Watson) is a core RubyMotion engineer and also an active member of RubyMotion Japan. He will talk about performance optimizations.


Eloy Durán Programmer, HipByte

Eloy is one of the core RubyMotion developers and also the creator of CocoaPods. Eloy will talk about... something new!.


Clay Allsopp Co-founder, Propeller

Author of the RubyMotion PragProg book and numerous libraries, Clay will talk about building build tools to build a tool that builds apps.


Lori Olson Consultant, Kudos

Author of the Core Data in Motion book, Lori will talk about solving real problems with RubyMotion using Core Data.


Todd Werth Co-Founder, InfiniteRed

Todd is the creator of RubyMotionQuery (known as RMQ) and the writer of the Dispatch newsletter. He will cover what's new in RMQ.


Jamon Holmgren Owner, ClearSight Studio

Author of the popular ProMotion framework, Jamon will talk about going from a prototype to a production app.


Mark Rickert Skookum Digital Works

Mark is a well-known actor in the community. He will talk about how to promote an app in the App Store and through other channels.


Ken Miller Co-Founder, InfiniteRed

Ken is the creator of Core Data Query (CDQ) for RubyMotion. In his talk he will give an overview of the project and what is new.


Dave Lee ReactiveCocoa Enthusiast

Dave is a contributor to ReactiveCocoa, a framework that provides Functional Reactive Programming. He will talk about leveraging it in RubyMotion apps.


Jack Watson-Hamblin Founder, MotionInMotion

Jack is the creator of MotionInMotion. He will talk about the community aspect of RubyMotion and how we can make it better.


Will Raxworthy Developer, Kinesis

Will plans to cover the basics of 2D game development with SpriteKit, how to integrate controllers, then write a Flappy Bird clone!


Alex Rothenberg Ruby Hacker

Alex is the author of motion-addressbook and will talk about simplyfying Cocoa APIs and making sure they do not crush your Ruby code.


Dennis Ushakov Software Engineer, JetBrains

Dennis is a software engineer at JetBrains, will show off RubyMine and its excellent integration with the RubyMotion toolchain.


Nikolay Nemshilov UnderOS Creator

Nikolay will present UnderOS, a project that aims to help web-developers to get into native iOS development by reusing knowledge and technologies they already know.


Austin Seraphin Accessibility Expert

Austin is a blind developer. He created the motion-accessibility gem and will talk about making RubyMotion apps accessible to the blind.


Paul Colton Co-founder/CEO, Pixate

Paul will cover Pixate Freestyle, a framework that lets you style the user interface of RubyMotion apps using plain CSS.


Kevin Poorman Cloud and Mobile Architect

Kevin is a certified Salesforce developer and will talk about integrating enterprise frameworks and resources in RubyMotion apps.


Andy Pliszka Software Engineer, Pivotal Labs

Andy works on large iOS apps and will talk about writing RubyMotion apps using Test-Driven Development (TDD).


Ivan Acosta-Rubio Developer, Software Criollo

Ivan will introduce the AV-Foundation framework and how to capture media on iOS and OS X. Let’s write some spying tools!


Isaac Murchie Software Developer, SauceLabs

Isaac will introduce Appium and how you can use it to automate the testing of RubyMotion apps using RSpec, Cucumber and Capybara.


Mark Villacampa Developer, Cabify

A hardware enthusiast, Mark will talk about connecting RubyMotion to hardware and cover different methodologies.

You have to be there

We had a blast last year and look forward to setting up an awesome event again. Check out the videos and photos from RubyMotion #inspect 2013, held in Brussels, Belgium!

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May 28th

welcome and breakfast


RubyMotion State of the Union

Laurent Sansonetti, Shizuo Fujita, Eloy Duran

Going Pro with ProMotion: From Prototype to Production

Jamon Holmgren

UnderOS, Native iOS for Web-Developers

Nikolay Nemshilov

RubyMotionQuery (RMQ) in Action

Todd Werth


12:30pm - 2:00pm

RubyMotion in Production


App Promotion: Strategy and Execution

Mark Rickert

Test Driven Motion

Andy Pliszka

Testing RubyMotion Applications using Appium

Isaac Murchie

CoreData and RubyMotion

Lori Olson

CoreDataQuery (CDQ) in Action

Ken Miller



May 29th

welcome and breakfast


Making RubyMotion Better - Structure, Gems, and Community

Jack Watson-Hamblin

Don't Let the Cocoa API Crush Your Ruby Code

Alex Rothenberg

Reactive RubyMotion

Dave Lee

Building Apps that Builds Apps

Clay Allsopp

Pixate and RubyMotion

Paul Colton


12:30pm - 2:00pm

RubyMotion and Accessibility

Austin Seraphin

Intro to AV Foundation

Ivan Acosta-Rubio

SkFun: SpriteKit and RubyMotion

Will Raxworthy

Connecting RubyMotion

Mark Villacampa

Connecting RubyMotion to Enterprise Systems

Kevin Poorman

RubyMine and RubyMotion

Dennis Ushakov



May 26th

iOS Platform Overview

Operating system, window and event system, application life cycle, Objective-C, C

Your First RubyMotion App

Creating an app, project structure, defining views and methods, setting targets and actions, running the app, icons, images, debugging

Introduction to Cocoa

Model-View-Controller, frameworks, UIKit and controls, Foundation

Delegation Pattern

Delegation, using frameworks, CoreLocation, CLLocationManager, compiler errors


MapKit framework, MapView, MKAnnotation, tagging

May 27th

Introduction to Views

UIView, subclassing UIView, the drawRect: method, drawing and resizing, UIScrollView, zooming, gestures, retain cycles


Bacon, spec files, spec helpers, context, device events, finding views, UIAutomation

View Controllers

Using view controllers, responsabilities, life cycle, UITabVarViewController, tab bar items, assigning views

Application Sandbox and Memory Warnings

File system structure, reading and writing to disk, handling low-memory warnings, simulating memory warnings

Data Persistence

The model, archiving, SQLite, CoreData, model definition, NSManagedObject, NSManagedObjectContext


Fort Mason, San Francisco, California

The conference will be held at Fort Mason, a former US Army post located in the Marina district of San Francisco. Protected as a National Historic Landmark, Fort Mason is located right on the water, conveniently accessible by car and public transportation, and is just a 10 minute walk from Fisherman's Wharf.

Where to stay

The conference is located between the Fisherman's Wharf and the Marina district. Both are within easy walking distance and both have public transportation.

The Wharf has many places to stay because it's a tourist location. There are a lot of tourist-area places to eat too, places you won't find anywhere else in San Francisco, such as The Hard Rock and In-N-Out Burger. These are standard tourist-area restaurants found in many cities. You won't see a lot of San Franciscans in this area, but there is a lot going on and it is fun.

The Marina is a local neighborhood, but there are a lot of motels/hotels on Lombard street. The Marina is cheaper than the Wharf. If you stay on Lombard, on Chestnut street (one block north) west of Filmore Street, there are many places to eat. Lombard has bad food at bad prices designed to lure in tourists who don't know better. You now know better.

There are plenty of other neighborhoods to stay in too. The Mission district (great food) is where a lot of tech workers live and is an Uber car-ride away. Union Square is a popular location and is a MUNI 30 bus away (or Uber). SOMA and Market Street are where many of the startups are, on a weekday you can be in line at a Vietnamese sandwich shop and both the people behind you and the people in front of you will be talking about their startup's Series-A round of funding.

Some places in the Marina:

Some places in Fisherman's Wharf:


The conference is designed to be small and intimate. We will therefore be welcoming a limited number of attendees.

We also provide a ticket for guests interested in attending our training right before the conference.

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