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    RubyMotion #inspect 2014: First Batch of Speakers, Lodging Information, Sponsors

    In a bit less than two months we will be launching our second annual developer conference, the 28th and 29th May in sunny San Francisco, California!

    (Yes, that’s the week before WWDC!)

    RubyMotion #inspect 2014 will be a 2-day single track conference, 100% about RubyMotion. We picked an awesome venue, Fort Mason, a former US military post office which offers a scenic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

    First Batch of Speakers

    We closed our call for presentations and are now working on finalizing the schedule. In the meantime, we already pre-selected some of the speakers and it is our pleasure to list them here!

    • Laurent Sansonetti, Shizuo Fujita and Eloy Durán from HipByte will share a keynote talk in which they will talk about what’s coming next for RubyMotion (we think you will like it!).

    • Clay Allsopp, author of the Pragmatic Programmers’ RubyMotion book and numerous libraries will talk about building build tools that build tools to build apps. Sounds crazy and interesting!

    • Jack Watson-Hamblin, creator of MotionInMotion, the popular weekly screencast, will talk about the RubyMotion community and what we can do to make it better.

    • Lori Olson, author of a RubyMotion book about Core Data, will share her experience in solving real problems using Core Data in RubyMotion apps.

    • Todd Werth, co-founder of InfiniteRed and author of the popular RubyMotionQuery (RMQ) library will talk about what’s new in RMQ. Todd is also co-organizing the event!

    • Jamon Holmgren, owner of ClearSight Studio and author of the popular ProMotion framework, will talk about going from a prototype to a production app.

    • Mark Rickert, owner of Mohawk Apps, is the author of numerous RubyMotion apps, all of which are open-source. Mark also has a lot of experience marketing apps and will teach us a few tricks on how to promote an app in the App Store and through other channels.

    • Ken Miller, co-founder of InfiniteRed, is the author of CoreDataQuery (CDQ), a library which aims at making Core Data easier to use. Ken will talk about CDQ and what’s new.

    • Dave Lee is a contributor to ReactiveCocoa, a framework that provides Functional Reactive Programming to Cocoa apps. Dave will talk about integrating ReactiveCocoa in RubyMotion.

    • Will Raxworthy, author of numerous blog posts about RubyMotion, will talk about 2D game development, using the new SpriteKit framework and integrating with native game controllers, and eventually write a Flappy Bird clone!

    We will be announcing more speakers soon. If you submitted a talk proposal, we will get back to you as soon as can. Thanks for your patience!

    Lodging Information

    The conference is located between the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Marina district. Both are within easy walking distance and both have public transportation.

    The Wharf has many places to stay because it’s a tourist location. There are a lot of tourist-area places to eat too. You won’t see a lot of San Franciscans in this area, but there is a lot going on and it is fun.

    The Marina is a local neighborhood, but there are a lot of motels/hotels on Lombard street. The Marina is cheaper than the Wharf.

    There are plenty of other neighborhoods to stay in too. The Mission district is where a lot of tech workers live and is an Uber car-ride away. Union Square is a popular location and is a MUNI 30 bus away (or Uber). SOMA and Market Street are where many of the startups are.

    Check out the lodging section of the conference website for more information and also pointers to places we recommend.


    We are delighted to announce that Pixate will be our lead (gold) sponsor this year!

    Pixate was founded in the summer of 2012 as a Y-Combinator company with the goal of enabling designers and developers to quickly and easily create beautiful, native mobile applications. Their flagship product, Pixate Freestyle, enables the styling of native mobile applications using CSS.

    A few words from our silver sponsors:

    Terrible Labs is a design and development shop in Boston. They use RubyMotion to build all of their clients’ iOS applications. They have also used RubyMotion to build their own product, TicketZen, the easiest way to pay parking tickets.

    RubyMine, the most powerful Ruby IDE, provides smart coding assistance and advanced testing and debugging features for all types of Ruby projects and cutting-edge technologies, including RubyMotion.

    We would like to thank Pixate, Terrible Labs and RubyMine for helping us organizing this awesome event.

    We are still looking for a small number of sponsors to share in the support of #inspect 2014. This is a great opportunity to show your commitment to the RubyMotion community and also promote your products or services. If you or your company are interested get in touch.


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