• 22 Apr

    Announcing new speakers for RubyMotion #inspect 2015

    RubyMotion #inspect, our annual developer conference, will be organized this year the 1-2 July in beautiful Paris, France!

    If you haven't got your ticket already, we still have a few tickets left at the Early Bird pricing (33% discount over the regular rate). Grab your ticket today!

    Today we are announcing 3 new speakers:

    • Todd Werth, co-founder of InfiniteRed and creator of RMQ (RubyMotionQuery), will talk about RedPotion, an effort to build the "Rails for RubyMotion for iOS", a common set of high-level abstractions to make mobile development easier. Todd will cover the rationale behind the project and build a small app as well.

    • Darin Wilson, software engineer at InfiniteRed, will cover the Android equivalent of RedPotion, conveniently called BluePotion (not yet released at the time of writing). Darin will give an overview of the BluePotion components and demonstrates how the API closely mimics RedPotion, providing a "learn once, write everywhere" approach to native mobile app development. A small app will also be built.

    • Boris Bügling, software engineer at Contentful and Senior VP of Evil at CocoaPods, will provide an introduction on developing WatchKit and Android Wear apps using RubyMotion. We will learn about the differences between both platforms, what kind of possibilities the smartwatches bring to extending your application and how to share some code for your watch app between both iOS and Android versions.

    They will join our existing lineup of 4 speakers:

    • Laurent Sansonetti, creator of RubyMotion and founder of HipByte, will talk about what's coming next in RubyMotion. You probably don't want to miss this!

    • Amir Rajan, creator of A Dark Room and The Ensign for iOS, will talk about his experience writing a RubyMotion app that has been downloaded several million times and been featured as the number 1 paid app in the US App Store for weeks.

    • Paul Sturgess, programmer at Kyan will talk about his recent experience writing Title Challenge, a football management game written in RubyMotion.

    • Rich Kilmer, CEO of CargoSense, will talk about how he uses RubyMotion to build an innovative solution to address issues in the logistics market.

    We are still accepting talk proposals, so please feel free to submit one.

    We are also still looking for a small number of sponsors to share in the support of #inspect 2015. This is a great opportunity to show your commitment to the RubyMotion community and also promote your products or services. If you or your company are interested get in touch.


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