• 11 Dec

    Announcing New Pricing Plans

    We had the recent opportunity to talk to several customers about the pricing of RubyMotion. We quickly realized that it was impossible to satisfy the needs of all of our customers with just a single plan.

    After a lot of thinking we decided to split our pricing model into three plans. We will go through them now then cover questions you might have at the end.


    Indie is our cheapest plan. It comes with support for all platforms, as well as full software updates. It is cheaper than our previous plan.

    Indie customers can access the community forum, a public place where members of the RubyMotion community, including the engineers working on RubyMotion, help each other.


    Professional is our medium-entry plan. It comes with support for all platforms, software updates, and access to our private ticket system.

    Professional customers can contact us directly and privately with a support ticket. We usually reply within 3 business days, and often sooner.


    Enterprise is our high-entry plan. It comes with support for all platforms and software updates. Please contact us for a quote.

    We provide 1-day reponse time to support enquiries from our Enterprise customers as well as hot fixes through a dedicated software update channel.


    Platforms Support

    All plans come with support for iOS, Android and OS X. We believe that cross-platform mobile development is very important at this age and we don't want to segment the RubyMotion community.

    Existing Customers

    Existing RubyMotion customers will be moved to the Pro plan, and once their subscription expires, will have the opportunity to stay in Pro at the discounted rate for an additional year.

    Thank You!

    We would like to grab the chance to thank all of our awesome customers for their continued support. Without it we could not be a fully bootstrapped company.


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