Module: UIPopoverControllerDelegate


The UIPopoverControllerDelegate protocol defines the methods you can implement for the delegate of a UIPopoverController object. Popover controllers notify their delegate whenever user interactions would cause the dismissal of the popover and, in some cases, give the user a chance to prevent that dismissal.Tells the delegate that the popover was dismissed.Asks the delegate if the popover should be dismissed.

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Instance Method Details

- (Object) popoverControllerDidDismissPopover(popoverController)

Tells the delegate that the popover was dismissed. The popover controller does not call this method in response to programmatic calls to the dismissPopoverAnimated: method. If you dismiss the popover programmatically, you should perform any cleanup actions immediately after calling the dismissPopoverAnimated: method. You can use this method to incorporate any changes from the popover’s content view controller back into your application. If you do not plan to use the object in the popoverController parameter again, it is safe to release it from this method.



- (Boolean) popoverControllerShouldDismissPopover(popoverController)

Asks the delegate if the popover should be dismissed. This method is called in response to user-initiated attempts to dismiss the popover. It is not called when you dismiss the popover using the dismissPopoverAnimated: method of the popover controller. If you do not implement this method in your delegate, the default return value is assumed to be YES.



  • (Boolean)

    YES if the popover should be dismissed or NO if it should remain visible.