Module: Precision

Included in:
Fixnum, Float, Integer


Precision is a mixin for concrete numeric classes with precision. Here, `precision' means the fineness of approximation of a real number, so, this module should not be included into anything which is not a subset of Real (so it should not be included in classes such as Complex or Matrix).

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Class Method Details

+ (Object) included



When the Precision module is mixed-in to a class, this included method is used to add our default induced_from implementation to the host class.

Instance Method Details

- (Class) prec(klass)

Converts self into an instance of klass. By default, prec invokes


and returns its value. So, if klass.induced_from doesn't return an instance of klass, it will be necessary to reimplement prec.


- (Float) prec_f

Returns a Float converted from num. It is equivalent to prec(Float).


- (Integer) prec_i

Returns an Integer converted from num. It is equivalent to prec(Integer).