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Guides are exhaustive manuals that cover everything you need on a specific topic.

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Articles are short pieces that focus on a given concept or programming task.

sample Code

Samples are small projects covering iOS, Android and OS X features. Libraries provide reusable functionality for your apps.

これらのドキュメントは日本語に翻訳されています。日本語のドキュメントは RubyMotion JP で読むことができます。

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pragprog rubymotion book

RubyMotion, by Clay Allsopp. From The Pragmatic Bookshelf. eBook and paper versions. 112 pages.

packtpub rubymotion book

RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials, by Abhishek Nalwaya and Akshat Paul. From Packt. eBook and paper versions. 262 pages.

packtpub rubymotion book

Instant RubyMotion App Development, by Gant Laborde. From Packt. eBook version. 54 pages.



Created by Jack Watson-Hamblin, MotionInMotion is a new paid RubyMotion screencast, with an episode released each week, and on occasion a free episode for the masses to enjoy.


Created by Neeraj Singh of BigBinary, Learning RubyMotion is a series of screencasts building specific features and in the process discussing various aspects of RubyMotion. All the screencasts are free.


Started by RubyMotion enthusiasts, MotionCasts aims at delivering high-quality, professional screencasts around RubyMotion technologies.


Our friends at The Pragmatic Studio have released a free 50-minute screencast that will walk you through building a simple iOS app with RubyMotion. Watch it now!

If you are new to Ruby, we also recommend their online Ruby Programming Course which covers the fundamentals you will need.